What does it mean to radically innovate on the leading edge of elevating humans in the workplace?

The Tony Hsieh Award


The Tony Hsieh Award seeks out progressive, value-driven leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who embody Hsieh’s spirit in business through transforming their organization’s quality of work and life, engagement and productivity to allow members or employees to maximize their fullest potential.

We’re looking for people who are reinventing the way we work.

Vote based on our award criteria: Innovation, Authenticity, Scaleable / Self Organizing, Replicability, Proof of Better Outcomes, and Delivering Wow.

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We are proud to announce the first three winners of the Tony Award. Each winner will be honored and walk in Tony’s shoes at prestigious events through the year.

Dirk Propfe

President & CEO

ET Group

“It’s not just one breakthrough and you’re done. This model is a commitment to an ongoing journey because we are constantly evolving our structure, our practices change, we try new things, get rid of things that no longer serve us. It is an evolution and a commitment, and it is hard because sometimes it feels messy and uncomfortable. There is no absolute clarity yet there is coherence. There is no explicit roadmap that defines, “yes, this is the way for you” so you are trying new things every day and continuously validating what is working and what is not."

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Asheesh Advani

President & CEO

JA Worldwide

“We were selected as one of the Top 10 NGOs in the world in annual rankings of the Top 200 NGOs in 2019, 2020 and 2021. The "Raising Aspirations" plan, and Fixed-Flexible-Freestyle model of staff engagement and execution has helped us act as a more cohesive global network with a collective voice and empowered teams, which has helped us attract this recognition."

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Rasha El Gamal

Vice President of HR & Culture

Mountain View

“Applying happiness as a business model has allowed Mountain View to increase retention by 50%, decrease absenteeism by 40% and earned them the top employer award! “Purpose pulls you where you want to go, and we had a purpose of creating a happier life for our employees, customers and the whole world.”

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Vote based on our award criteria: Innovation, Authenticity, Scaleable / Self Organizing, Replicability, Proof of Better Outcomes, and Delivering Wow.

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"For the longest time people believed it was impossible to break the 4 minute mile. In 1954, Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile. But what I find super interesting is that, in less than a year other people broke the 4 minute mile. It wasn’t that nutrition was better that year. It was that people believed it was possible. We purposely choose collision, co-learning and connectedness because we wanted something that could be replicated.” 
- Tony Hsieh



Is the nominee pushing the status quo? Adapting to change in ways that others haven’t?


Is the nominee running the proverbial 4 minute mile in a way that others can learn, improve upon, and replicate?

Did the nominee create a solution allowing for teams to understand their responsibilities & make changes where deemed necessary?  Is there freedom in how responsibilities will be met?

Proof of Better Outcomes

Tony was a proponent of learning by doing, has the nominee been “doing” instead of theorizing? Is there evidence of proven outcomes?

Deliver WOW!

Is the nominee marching to their own drum and surprising people on a regular basis? Are they delivering their own form of Wow!?!


Tony Hsieh was a pioneer. He challenged existing concepts of what the workplace was and how it worked. He redefined how leaders look at the value of their employees as well as what employees expect from their leaders. He constantly inspired and provoked us to think differently about the role of leadership and business itself. We want that inspiration and those insights to continue for generations. 


Tony’s purpose was to architect environments, conditions, and experiences to help create moments and spaces of awe, wonderment, inspiration and connection, so that people can transcend their own realities. Tony believed that every human has a superpower. His fascination with self organization was driven from building systems that allowed anyone to succeed and use their power.  We want his purpose and beliefs to continue to thrive and expand long into the future.