Tony Day 2024

We will be gathering in Las Vegas on September 19-20, 2024 to celebrate the latest Tony Hsieh Award winners, co-create ways to establish a code of civility in the workplace and beyond, and develop IT and HR strategies to strategically adopt and evaluate AI.  If you are a C-suite executive committed to elevating people at work, and are interested in attending Tony Day 2024, please reach out and let us know.

Tony Day 2023

Zappos hosted Tony Day 2023 on September 21-22 at its corporate headquarters in Las Vegas.  Watch the video to follow the discussions about the future of talent and AI, the radical innovations of the 2023 Tony Hsieh Award winners, and designing a curriculum for future workplace competencies.

Video coming soon.

Tony Day 2022

On Friday, September 16, 2022, Tony Day panels explored autonomy in a post-pandemic world, looked at dispersed workforces and shifting psychological anchors, and explored areas of passion upon which Tony made a lasting impact including entrepreneurship, urban revitalization, community building, human capital, and cultural arts. Watch the videos to learn more.

A Thought Leadership Gathering to Elevate People in the Workplace

Friday, September 16th, 2022 Las Vegas

Autonomy in a post-pandemic world. How are companies innovating? What are the trends in business and society that make self management interesting and viable? What has to be established for it to work?

Featuring: Dirk Propfe, CEO ET Group, 2021 Tony Hsieh Award winner, Rachel Murch, Co-Founder, The Maonach Group, Tyler Williams, Director of Brand Experience Zappos, Rita McGrath, Columbia Professor, Permissionless Organizations, Christian Wandeler, CEO, Semco Style USA

Exploring areas of passion upon which Tony made a lasting impact, within 5 major categories: Entrepreneurship, City, Human Capital, Community, Music & Arts.  

Featuring: Thomas Ermacora, Co-Founder, Falkora, Ben Stewart, Talent & Innovation, George Kaiser Family Foundation, Ryan Smith, Director, Economic & Urban Development, City of Las Vegas, Gus Wenner, CEO, Rolling Stone, Danielle Madeira, CEO & Founder, Madeira and Partners

What does it mean to be leading in turbulent times? A look at dispersed workforces, gig and remote working plus shifting psychological anchors. What are the big trends & critical themes; a look at the research.

Featuring: Katherine von Jan, Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce Innovation, Dr. Erin Eatough, Behavioural Scientist, BetterUp Labs, Michelle Laven, Chief Human Resource Officer, iHeartMedia, Jenn Lim, Co-Founder & CEO, Delivering Happiness

Tony Day 2021

Tony Day kicked off on Saturday, December 11, 2021 with a gathering of Fortune500 talent leaders, friends, and family.Community: Keep the top paragraph but delete all the other text above the photo. Keep the photo.

The Inaugural Tony Hsieh Award Gathering