What does it mean to radically innovate on the leading edge of elevating humans in the workplace?

2023 Cycle To Be Announced

The Tony Hsieh Award seeks out innovative and clever best practices that elevate humans in the workplace. We’re looking for value-driven leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations who are implementing innovative practices to enhance work and employee experience, drive productivity in extraordinary ways, and unleash human potential.

Application deadline extended - Monday Sept 26th 2022 (end of day). Winner will be announced at the Masters of Scale Summit, Oct 18-20 in San Francisco, CA.

Who Should Apply?

Our mission is to find people like you who are doing extraordinary things to help people rise to their fullest potential at work. No organization or team is too small to apply. It’s not about size it’s about innovation! We not only expect to find and celebrate companies like the next Zappos or SoulCycle, but also individual leaders implementing simple yet powerful weekly practices with their teams.

Why Apply?

The winner of the Tony Hsieh Award will win a ticket to the annual TED Conference, be celebrated for their innovations, gain visibility, media exposure and be recognized at the inaugural Masters of Scale Summit.



What are the novel practices or innovations in your workplace culture that enhance and enrich your employee experience? Here’s what success looks like - Check out our last year’s winners.


Describe how you developed, implemented, and scaled those practices.


Describe the outcomes that show proof of the success of your practices or innovations in creating a more fulfilling workplace and enriching the employee experience. Share details on how your organization looked before and after the practice was implemented. Include qualitative and quantitative measurable lift in performance or outcomes.


Upload your filled out PDF form by clicking the link below to complete your submission.


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