Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2022 but we will allow for extensions by request.

Those who were close to Tony will remember that he pretty much wore the same shoes all the time. Black Asics. Funny for a man who was running a large retail site that got its start with shoes.

So we think it only appropriate that the trophy for the Tony Hsieh Award is molded out of those shoes.


Beyond the trophy, we’ve been working with all of the places that Tony really loved being so that people never stop celebrating Tony and all of the places he loved to be.

Possible activations for winners include:

Summit, World 50, Ted 2022, Tony Hsieh Award Gatherings, Masters of Scale and Near Future Summit

Possible activations for winners and applicants include:

Zappos and Downtown Project

Empowering ideas that can changethe organizational world

We are looking for people who are breaking the 4 minute mile in business and organizational design. Submit your application for The Tony Hsieh Award and gain access to upcoming opportunities.

"The best businesses are really ones that can combine passion, profits, and purpose."

-Tony Hsieh

We will support these in person events with opportunities for on-line community engagement. The digital content will provide a powerful source of inspiration and data for anyone who is a student of this space. 


We believe that a “winner” will be selected for their significant advancement and bold innovation which those of us reading and witnessing can be inspired by and implement within their own organization.  While we will acknowledge winners, the real winners will be those of us who will read the submissions and be inspired and able to continually learn something from the entire pool of applicants.  In a small way, it will be like we are able to sit down again with Tony over a glass of Fernet (his favorite drink) and learn from his curiosity, heart, genius and audacity. 

We are looking for people who are breaking the 4 minute mile in business and organizational design.

"Our philosophy is about delivering happiness to our customers and employees."

-Tony Hsieh



Does the idea push the boundaries of organizational design and execution?Is it truly novel?


Does the applicant touch and inspire us?

Scalable / Self Organizing

Would the solution act as a forcing function for large-scale applications?
Does it align with Tony's belief in self-organization as a tool for large-scaleand resilience?


Can those reading the application replicate what was done with similar outcomes?

Proof of Better Outcomes

Can those reading the application replicate what was
done with similar outcomes?

Deliver WOW!

Tony's special sauce.



Tell us how you (or the nominee) transformed your organization’s quality of work and life, engagement and productivity to allow members or employees to maximize their fullest potential. How did you(r team) devise your system? How was it innovative and how does it scale with your organization’s growth? Be specific of what was done such that those reading could replicate and apply the methodology or intervention themselves.


Please share details on how the organization looked before the intervention.


Please share details on how the organization looked after the breakthrough and include quantitative and/or qualitative measurable lift in performance or outcomes.


Tony spent his life designing environments and experiences to foster wonder, inspiration and connection between people. Was there an impactful moment that shaped your story, and how did it create a moment of awe, connection and scale of impact that will inspire others to do the same?


You are invited to include other testimonials, references, links and documents, published work that further showcase the breakthroughs you or your company/organization have achieved and help those wishing to replicate your intervention in their organizations.


If you had the world’s attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?


Founding Funders

Alfred Lin
Greenlight Giving Foundation & Keith Ferrazzi
Fred Mossler
World 50 Organization & David Wilkie
David Stephenson
Jonathan Mildenhal

Award Operations Team

Keith Ferrazzi
Michelle van Ruyven - (Executive Director)
Patrick Natili


World 50
Delivering Happiness
Near Future

Special Contributors

Michelle D’Attilio - Sōsh, LLC
Jenn Lim - Delivering Happiness
Amanda Slavin - CatalystCreativ
Kedar Deshpande - Zappos
Tyler Williams - Zappos
People's TV
Emily Jillette
More contributors to be announced.