What does it mean to radically innovate on the leading edge of elevating humans in the workplace?


Tony Hsieh was a pioneer. He challenged existing concepts of what the workplace was and how it worked. He redefined how leaders look at the value of their employees as well as what employees expect from their leaders. He constantly inspired and provoked us to think differently about the role of leadership and business itself. We want that inspiration and those insights to continue for generations. 


Tony’s purpose was to architect environments, conditions, and experiences to help create moments and spaces of awe, wonderment, inspiration and connection, so that people can transcend their own realities. Tony believed that every human has a superpower. His fascination with self organization was driven from building systems that allowed anyone to succeed and use their power.  We want his purpose and beliefs to continue to thrive and expand long into the future.

Step into The Shoe

Those who were close to Tony will remember that he pretty much wore the same shoes all the time. Black Asics. Funny for a man who was running a large retail site that got its start with shoes.

So we think it only appropriate that the trophy for the Tony Hsieh Award is molded out of those shoes.

Empowering ideas that can changethe organizational world

We are looking for people who are breaking the 4 minute mile in business and organizational design. Submit your application for The Tony Hsieh Award and gain access to upcoming opportunities.

"The best businesses are really ones that can combine passion, profits, and purpose."

-Tony Hsieh

We will support these in person events with opportunities for on-line community engagement. The digital content will provide a powerful source of inspiration and data for anyone who is a student of this space. 


We believe that a “winner” will be selected for their significant advancement and bold innovation which those of us reading and witnessing can be inspired by and implement within their own organization.  While we will acknowledge winners, the real winners will be those of us who will read the submissions and be inspired and able to continually learn something from the entire pool of applicants.  In a small way, it will be like we are able to sit down again with Tony over a glass of Fernet (his favorite drink) and learn from his curiosity, heart, genius and audacity. 

We are looking for people who are breaking the 4 minute mile in business and organizational design.

"Our philosophy is about delivering happiness to our customers and employees."

-Tony Hsieh



Are you pushing the status quo? Adapting to change in ways others haven’t?


Are you running the proverbial 4-minute mile in a ways that other can learn from, improve upon, and replicate?

Proof of Better Outcomes

Tony was a proponent of learning by doing. Have you implemented new solutions instead of theorizing about them? Is there evidence of proven outcomes?

Deliver WOW!

Are your innovative practices delivering Wow to your team, industry, and others?



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