Ranil Piyaratna & Geetesh Goyal


Human Bees

Key elements of innovation: Culture as an Algorithm - culture is the center of everything - hiring and socializing and places individuals into jobs for their clients; 2) Promotion through merit, without limit - throw out the normal model of time in role and climbing the ladder at the same pace others did. “We will promote anyone when they are ready”.

The impact: Inc5000 fastest growing private company in 2021; Financial times #2 in 2022. 90% retention rate through the great resignation. 3-year growth rate of 48,345% - achieved, by putting the focus on people above all else. Human Bees now looks to share this knowledge (their algorithm) with leaders across industries, because across the board, *people* remain their best predictor of success. “Crack your Cultural Algorithm, and everything else falls into place."