Dylan Beynon



Key elements of innovation: 1) Asynchronous, remote-first work model that trusts employees accomplish work; 2) Culture of constant feedback “I like” and “I wish” feedback provided to manager and at least one peer every 2 weeks.

At home psychedelic therapy for offered for employees’ mental health and wellbeing. Recently published the largest ever peer-reviewed clinical study in 70 years of psychedelic therapy research and 20 years of ketamine therapy research history, demonstrating transformational patient outcomes - indicated efficacy and safety far exceeding traditional treatments like SSRI's and talk therapy.

The impact: Lowest docile of number of meeting; > 90% retention; No annual performance review cycle or performance improvement plans. In the last 18 months, Mindbloom’s team has grown 10x from fewer than 30 members to over 300; collectively creating and cultivating a culture that fosters personal, psychological, and spiritual/ontological transformation of its employees.