Purpose pulls you where you want to go, and we had a purpose of creating a happier life for our employees, customers and the whole world.

Rasha El Gamal

Rasha El Gamal

Vice President of HR & Culture

Mountain View

Before applying happiness as a business model, Mountain View DMG, a real estate developer, MV's headcount was 900 employees. Our sales volume was 2 billion and we were scattered in small scattered offices. MV had just purchased two of the largest pieces of land it ever owned and its capacity was expected to grow three times. We knew then that we had to do things differently and that working on our culture was the best way to win. So we started our journey of transforming our culture to a culture of happiness by assessing where we are now and where we want to go.

We rolled out a culture program for our growing 1500 employees and developed an internal team of trainers and light leaders (change agents) to help cascade the new culture and influence the whole organization. In addition to this we made changes in our systems, such as including gratitude in all our meetings, having regular meditation sessions and holding several initiatives led by employees to increase engagement and create harmony and connectedness. This led our sales figure to soar 5X, reaching 10 billion and we are going for 20 billion in 2021.

Happiness was later extended to customers and the happiness model was used to create our brand identity, positioning, and programs to clients. In 2019 we established Delivering Happiness Egypt to help other companies in the Middle East and Africa to apply a culture of happiness and grow their business.

Sales 10 billion and forecasted 20 billion in 2021, revenue almost doubled, retention increased by 50% (from 18% to 12% in three years), 40% less absenteeism, increase in 30 points in top employer evaluation and won the top employer award, engagement 89%, 1500 employees.

In 2016, our CEO was inspired after attending a conference at Harvard where it was predicted that the world will need a more positive outlook due to the stressor of life and the speed with which technology is driving us. The company then changed its purpose from "together for a better life" to "together for a happier life". The first step we took was to look for companies that could have a culture similar to ours. Coincidentally, we came across the Delivering Happiness book by Tony and it was then when we decided "we want to be like Zappos". At the end of the book, Tony left his email, so we contacted him and he referred us to the Delivering Happiness team and our journey started from there!

Purpose pulls you to where you want to go, and we had a purpose of creating a happier life for our employees, customers and the world. We are on our way; 1500 employees and their families, 30K customers with their families and it has had a rippling effect.