SINA (The Social Innovation Academy)

Etienne Salborn


The Social Innovation Academy

Key elements of innovation: Regenerative institution.  Self generating franchise. Set up the model. 1) Empowerment is the foundation of education and job training – “We do not impose what they need to learn or how to work - they own it from the beginning and they learn to lead themselves and others”.

The impact: 59 social ventures, with 348 meaningful jobs created. “Participants become changemaker-makers and shift from being passive recipients of aid to active drivers of their own future, one person and one community at a time within self-organized and freesponsible "SINAs." A SINA is locally owned, with about 75 members in each. It becomes a self-sufficient and independent organization and community running on the SINA Model. Developing social enterprises fostering a world which works for everyone and in which an entire African generation is embracing purpose-aligned action to break down power hierarchies in a new way of working, purpose first!